A New Approach for your Critical Software Projects
The Right Blend of Talent
“If I just needed fingers on keyboards, I would send it to India. If I wanted the fingers connected to brains, I would send it to Hillsdale.”
C. Erickson, Assistant VP, IS,
Rite Aid Corporation

“You guys again showed me it is possible to meet my schedule and not sacrifice quality.”
I. Mirochnick, President,
Ascender Corporation

“Your engineers were obviously thinking. They spotted critical things which we had missed.”
C. Baker, CTO,
Core Policy Systems
A new approach for your critical projects
• Improving quality
• Streamlining development costs
• Only advanced-degree developers
• “The Right Localness”

Relying on outside development resources as opposed to direct hiring is nothing new, but doing so effectively and efficiently is often a hit-or-miss proposition.

Low-wage offshore-based outsourcing providers promise low hourly rates but force you to bear the majority of the project success and risk. Local contracting firms, which typically have narrow expertise, are much more expensive than direct hiring. Hillsdale Corporation strives to provide you with the right blend of capabilities:

• local presence and seasoned management
• highly skilled and targeted expertise
• selectively leveraging of the most cost-effective resources at our   disposal – domestic and remote.

We accomplish this by providing you a highly skilled local manager to work with – someone who understands your business needs and who will be your primary interface to the virtual team we assemble. This team may be comprised of both domestic experts as well as highly skilled members of an international team.

Hillsdale combines the best of two worlds:
The cost-effectiveness of off-shore help with the expertise and knowledge of top local professionals.

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